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Answer Forum
Houston Genealogical Forum (HGF) occasionally receives questions from HGF Members and other people from around the world. Sometimes these questions are about
  • documents
  • local Houston historical knowledge
  • 'how do I?'
  • 'can someone help me find?', (Answer Forum does not do research for people, but we can point them in the right direction depending on what you need)
  • and more
HGF has a small group of members that take in these questions and answer them.
  • Answer Forum is conducted via a small, private, and easy to use emailing group.
  • Answer Forum members will receive a question occasionally and offer their answer to the question.
  • After some discussion an answer is decided on and the Administrator sends the Forum's answer to the questioner.
  • It is quick and easy and Forum members need only answer questions that they wish.
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Answer Forum
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Answer Forum
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the better the answer you will get.