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HGF Board of Directors Elections

The HGF Board of Directors for the 2023-2024 year as elected at the April meeting:

  • President - Deborah Turkleson  (2021 - 23 Program Chair)
  • 1st Vice President and Program Chair - Candace Scheresky  (2021 - 23 Recording Secretary)
  • 2nd Vice President and Membership Chair - April Durett
  • Recording Secretary - Judith Mills 
  • Corresponding Secretary - Carolyn Shimek
  • Treasurer - David Williams (Incumbent)
  • Webmaster - Walter Steets (Incumbent)
  • Director - Susan Ruske (Incumbent, Editor of the Genealogical Record)
  • Director - No candidate at April meeting

Since the election Cynthia Chappell has accepted the nomination for the unfilled Director position and will stand  for election for this position at the May meeting.

The new board members will begin their terms at the end of the May meeting and serve through May of 2024. A list of the Board positions and their responsibilities may be found on the HGF website under About Us and then Board Positions & Duties.

Fall/Winter Edition of the Genealogical Record

The Fall/Winter 2022 issue of the Genealogical Record is now available with four engaging new stories demonstrating how the authors have used dilligent research and clever methods to solve mysteries of their famly history. 
In the first article, Cynthia Chappell explains that she was intrigued by the picture of a young Native American woman (shown below), part of her maternal grandfather's ancestral line, and shares with us some surprising history of nineteenth century Kentucky and Indiana that she learned in researching the woman's life.  In the next article, Deborah Turkleson tells about the unusual sources she used to research the sad story of her great-great-grandmother who died in a Lousianna hospital for the insane.  The final two articles by Malcolm McCorquodale describe the methods he has used to unravel the records for several previous Malcolm McCorquodales. 
HGF members can access this and all the other issues of the Genealogical Record by logging on, going to Member Resources and then Genealogical Records.


Membership Renewal

HGF Memberships need to be renewed for the new year.  Membership entitles you to the handouts from the speakers at our monthly meetings, the Genealogical Record, and other benefits.  It also helps cover speaker fees, website hosting, and other costs.
You may renew your membership for 2023 by loging into the HGF website, clicking on the Renew Membership button or clicking on Member Resources and then Profile, and following the directions on the screens to renew your membership.  You may pay online through PayPal using either a credit card or your PayPal account.  
Thank you.

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Email notices of upcoming HGF monthly meetings, seminars, and SIG meetings are sent out twice monthly.  If you're not receving these notices and would like to, please click on subscribe HGF notices and complete the short form.   You don't have to be an HGF member to receive the meeting notices.

Houston Suffragists Project

In 2019, five HGF members, Rae Bryant, Monica Andersen, Mary Hollis, Ginny Douglas, and Barbara Richards,  inspired by the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment,  teamed-up to look for Houston suffragists from 1920. After scouring Houston’s archival closets looking for suffragists and with additional research help from HGF members Lynda Collins, Randy Pace, and Carolyn Shimek, they uncovered the story of the first women to vote in federal elections in Texas and data on several thousand 1920 suffragists. With the help of Walter Steets, they developed the Houston Suffragists Project website to tell the story of this election and allow you to search for women who were part of this history.